Investor Relations

The Investor Relations team at METRO AG is available to provide comprehensive information to all capital market participants. The team is guided by the principles of customer-focused capital market support. These principles affect in particular:

  • Topicality: assurance of information leadership
  • Continuity: consistency in external communications
  • Credibility: disclosure of accurate information
  • Equal treatment: all recipients are provided with the same information at the same time

The fixed dates for our regular reporting will in the future provide the framework for our capital markets communications. The year begins with the sales report for the past financial year. The annual report outlining the company’s business development in the respective financial year will be presented at the balance sheet press conference in mid-December and in a conference call for analysts and investors. Sales for the Christmas period are announced in January. Approximately one month after the end of each quarter, METRO AG holds a conference call to inform capital market participants about the previous reporting period. These conference calls can be followed live on the internet and are available worldwide along with a presentation in the Investor Relations section of METRO’s website. The associated reports can also be downloaded. Other relevant events can also be found in the Investor Relations section under the subsection Investor News:

METRO continues its direct dialogue with shareholders, potential investors and analysts through its presence in all key financial markets in Europe and the United States. In addition, analysts and investors may gain a better impression of METRO’s performance and innovative capabilities at the METRO AG head office in Düsseldorf. METRO receives frequent requests for discussions with company representatives and visits to company locations, reflecting the high level of interest in the group. In December 2016, a capital market day was conducted in the lead-up to the demerger. The company presented its strategy for the new METRO in much detail and also offered a medium-term outlook. This allowed investors to inform themselves prior to casting their vote on the demerger of the former METRO GROUP and facilitated their decision-making process. The new METRO conducted an investor day in September 2017, which also provided analysts and institutional investors with an opportunity to visit METRO outlets in Krefeld. Real presented the Markthalle Krefeld while presented a redesigned wholesale store. This was followed by the CEO and CFO of METRO AG answering questions at the METRO exhibition pavilion located on the banks of the river Rhine in Düsseldorf. The exhibition also presented a comprehensive overview of METRO’s international activities.

Private investors are another large and significant shareholder group of METRO AG. Their central, one-stop source of information is the Investor Relations section on METRO’s website, which is available in German and English. The web presence includes insights into the company’s strategy and business development, all new publications as well as an archive of annual reports. Investors are also able to contact the Investor Relations department directly. The Annual General Meeting provides all shareholders with the opportunity to learn more about METRO and see the members of the Management Board in person.

Its active membership in the German Equity Institute (Deutsches Aktieninstitut e. V., DAI) in Frankfurt, allows METRO AG to actively support efforts to foster a shareholder culture in Germany. METRO is also committed to the principles of open and continuous communications, which is expressed in the company’s membership in the German Investor Relations Association (Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e. V., DIRK).

Contact Investor Relations

Investor Relations
Metro-Straße 1
40235 Düsseldorf, Germany
T +49 211 6886−1051
F +49 211 6886−490−3759

Wholesale, METRO Wholesale
The METRO Wholesale segment comprises the METRO Cash & Carry sales line of METRO AG with more than 750 wholesale markets across 25 countries worldwide. The delivery business (food service distribution) is also part of this segment, with companies like METRO Delivery Service and the delivery specialists Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro and Rungis Express.