Letter to the

Financial year 2016/17 was among the most eventful and strategically important years in the history of METRO. With the initial public offering (IPO) of shares in the new METRO AG, we created the foundation to deliver even more focus, innovation and growth.

Letter to the shareholders
Olaf Koch Chairman of the management board of METRO AG

Overview of
financial year 2016/17

Sales (€ million)

37,140 2015/16: 36,549

Sales and earnings development

Profit for the period before special items (€ million)

Income statement

EBIT before special items (€ million)

1,106 2015/16: 1,106

Earnings position

Earnings per share (€)

0.89 2015/16: 1.39

Net financial result and taxes

Investments (€ million)

827 2015/16: 1,007

Investments / Divestments

Dividend (€)

Subject to the resolution of the Annual General Meeting.

0.70 2015/16: 0



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