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Newly hired employees in the 50-plus age group in Germany





Newly hired employees in the 50-plus age group at international level





Share of employees in the 50-plus age group as a proportion of the total workforce in Germany





Share of employees in the 50-plus age group as a proportion of the total workforce at international level





Employees with a recognised severe disability or equivalent status in Germany





Employees with a recognised severe disability or equivalent status at international level





We firmly believe that inclusion and diversity lead to better business results for METRO through an improved representation of our customers within the company, access to a larger talent pool and greater employee initiative and development. Going beyond mere gender diversity, we aspire to create an inclusive work environment and open work culture, in which individual differences are respected, valued and developed, resulting in a highly diverse workforce in which each individual can fully unfold and leverage his or her individual potential and strengths.

In financial year 2016/17, METRO developed an international diversity strategy with the aim of promoting inclusion and diversity with even more emphasis than previously. As a part of this strategy, certain inclusion and diversity targets will in the future be agreed with our executives. We intend to expand this strategy to all METRO countries. METRO will also launch a mentor programme for women working in operational activities.

As part of METRO’s , the group is also concerned with the issue of inclusion. The number of persons with disabilities employed at METRO goes far beyond the statutory minimum requirements. The proportion of employees with a recognised severe disability or equivalent status in METRO exceeds the statutory minimum requirement of 5%.

METRO is actively pursuing numerous initiatives in the area of Inclusion & Diversity. These include, for example, the Diversity Charter, the LEAD Network and Prout at Work. The employee networks Women in Trade (WiT) and METRO Pride are also involved in the topics.

Career prospects for underprivileged youths

Our Real also focuses on specific target groups, such as people with learning disabilities, socially underprivileged persons and youths who failed to secure an apprenticeship position or who have yet to qualify for being admitted to an apprenticeship programme. This gives Real the opportunity to participate in the company’s entry qualification programme (EQ) and to support certain initiatives, such as a speed dating event for apprentices that specifically targets underprivileged youths in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency. Real’s diverse initiatives assisting persons with disabilities was awarded the German Inclusion Award in 2015. The distinction is awarded by the corporate panel “UnternehmensForum” under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Equal opportunities at work

The purpose of our diversity management is to promote equal opportunities at work for men and women. METRO aims at further increasing the proportion of women in executive positions. The objective is for 20% of employees on the first management level below the Management Board and 35% of employees on the 2nd management level below the Management Board to be women by June 2022. METRO has also adopted a voluntary target for the share of women in executive positions at METRO Cash & Carry. By June 2022, 1 quarter of executive positions at METRO Cash & Carry locations worldwide will be filled by women. We will incorporate these goals in our succession planning and recruitment activities. Additionally, the Supervisory Board has stipulated the objective of having at least 1 female member appointed to the METRO AG Management Board by June 2022. This represents a female quota of 25% at the current Management Board consisting of 4 members.

At Real, the proactive development of female talent and attractive career opportunities for women have been part and parcel of talent management for many years. Real offers its female employees individual arrangements to assist them with achieving a better balance between work and family. This includes issues like part-time apprenticeships, parental leave and women in executive positions.

Financial year 2016/17 saw Real being the first retailer to be awarded the golden seal “top4women” for its exemplary initiative. The company was distinguished for its integrative approach, the successful fostering of commitment to the company among its female high potentials and for offering long-term career prospects specifically for women.

Life stage-based initiatives to balance work and family

Our head office in Düsseldorf operates 3 day care centres with 242 full-time places for children from the age of 4 months. The staff speak German and English to the children.

The share of part-time employees at METRO rose slightly to 26.3% over ’s period (2015/16: 27.1%). In Germany, 52.5% (2015/16: 52.8%) of our employees worked in part-time positions; the international share of part-time employees was 11.6% (2015/16: 12.2%). METRO wants to support its employees in all stages of their lives – including when they have to care for family members. Helpful advice on this particular issue is available to all employees.

Diversity management
A central element of HR policy that harnesses the diversity of employees for corporate success in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual identities and potential disabilities.
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Part of a retail company that operates stores or markets with a specific sales concept.
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Period of 12 months, usually cited as reference for statements in the annual report.