Commitment to our employees

The success of METRO and its is only made possible by our more than 150,000 employees. It is their commitment and the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis that ensure we create value for our customers and society. In terms of our sustainable corporate , we consider it our duty to create and ensure an attractive, fair and safe work environment. We take the approach of valuing the individuality of our employees, encouraging their diversity and strengthening their personal responsibility. This allows us to support them in implementing our strategy successfully and sustainably.

  • For a complete overview of our commitment to our employees and METRO’s human resources policy as well as the related key figures, see chapter 2.5 employees. Sustainability-related employee figures are also available online in our METRO Progress Report on Corporate Responsibility 2016/17, which is accessible at
Sales line
Part of a retail company that operates stores or markets with a specific sales concept.
Principles governing the management and supervision of the different players who have an influence on a company.