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Goals and strategy


  • sCore growth strategy: Long-term strategy with high growth ambitions defined for the group as well as for the METRO countries and delivery specialists1 until 2030.
  • Strategic value drivers: Focus on HoReCa and professional Traders customers further articulated. Increasing customer value through clear wholesale alignment, multichannel customer experience and digitalisation.
  • Strategy implementation: Wholesale transformation as a significant key enabler for the successful implementation of sCore. Multichannel business model and digitalisation further advanced.

sCore growth strategy

METRO has comprehensively revised its strategy in financial year 2021/22. With sCore, the group has established a growth strategy for the period until 2030. sCore emphasises the group’s exclusive focus on wholesale after the completed separation from all retail industry sales lines.

sCore is a growth strategy. The ambitious endeavour until 2030 encompasses more than €40 billion for sales and more than €2 billion for earnings (EBITDA). Long-term growth in the ‘eating out’ segment and the very fragmented competitive environment provide the external conditions for our sales and earnings targets. From an internal perspective, we see great growth potential in a strong expansion of our HoReCa delivery business, the digital sales share with goods and services as well as further growth in our traditional wholesale business. Our different channels and services are closely interwoven. In terms of sales and costs, they complement each other synergistically and do not compete with each other. By 2030, we want to grow our market share by significantly expanding our role as a leading international company in food wholesale. To achieve this aspiration, we want to triple our delivery sales, increase sales in wholesale stores by more than 20% and grow the sales of our online marketplace METRO MARKETS to more than €3 billion compared to financial year 2020/21.

Strategic value drivers

  • Wholesale value proposition: METRO’s sCore strategy streamlines the goods and services business exclusively towards wholesale. HoReCa and Traders are our core customer groups. The HoReCa customer group includes hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, caterers, etc. Traders includes small grocery stores and kiosks. METRO has a wide reach in both customer groups and strives to maximise its customer potential through high customer retention. By 2030, we want to generate more than 80% of sales with our core customer groups. To achieve this goal, we will significantly improve our value proposition for our target customers as part of our sCore implementation in order to further differentiate ourselves from the competition. In addition to a product range explicitly tailored to professional customer needs with a focus on increasing the share of own brands, we will use tiered pricing to reflect our wholesale focus even more strongly than today in our price positioning. We will also ensure the highest possible product quality and availability as well as product, quantity and delivery reliability for the delivery business. To increase our productivity, we will gradually reduce the product range in specific product groups that do not address the professional needs of our core customers.
  • Multichannel experience: The delivery business was our key growth driver in financial year 2021/22, as it was before the pandemic. We will continue to strongly expand the delivery channel and our delivery expertise in the course of the sCore implementation. The delivery sales share will increase continuously. This will allow us to address the channel preferences of our customers even better than before. Furthermore, we are opening up access to customer groups who only want delivery, such as in the communal catering sector. By combining the pick-up and delivery business, we serve the different needs of our customers in the best possible way. The online marketplace METRO MARKETS expands our delivery solution to include non-food products with a focus on the needs of HoReCa customers. In order to increase customer loyalty and to tap into additional customer potential, we will further optimise our sales processes and greatly expand customer support through the sales force. This will enable us to offer our customers the best possible and most efficient shopping experience across all channels. Similarly, we will continue to improve the digital customer experience and strongly promote the use of our digital ordering platform M-Shop as well as the METRO Companion app, which already integrates our sales channels. The sales generated through digital channels are expected to grow to at least 40% by 2030. The expansion of METRO MARKETS into other countries will also contribute significantly to this growth. The expansion of the range of digital solutions for the hospitality industry is highly significant in the sCore strategy, and not only in terms of increasing customer retention. The digital solutions also mark the shift from a transactional to a service-oriented and partnership-based business relationship with our customers.

Products for professionals – developed with them

How METRO customers test own brands in everyday business. Insights into a fish and meat tasting in Croatia.

  • Network optimisation: The self-service wholesale trade sector is the origin of our business and the root of our success. Wholesale stores continue to be pivotal. The role of wholesale stores will change from a pure pick-up store to a multichannel fulfilment centre that ensures the fastest and most efficient fulfilment of our customers’ needs across multiple channels. Accordingly, our wholesale stores will be gradually integrated into the delivery network. Depending on the location as well as the market and customer structure, we will add dedicated delivery-only locations to the existing network in order to realise our sales ambition in the delivery business.
  • New business models: sCore also includes the development and scaling of new business models with the goal of acquiring additional segments as customers within our core customer groups HoReCa and Traders. For example, the focus in the Traders segment is on convenience solutions and the expansion of our franchise models. In the HoReCa segment, the focus is on business models tailored to internationally operating key account hospitality customers.

Culinary delights delivered by METRO

Catering to high-end restaurants as well as to large community facilities. A glimpse behind the scenes: who are the METRO delivery companies?


Strategy implementation

Our countries continue to play a key role in the successful implementation of our strategy. Accordingly, all countries and delivery specialists have revised their local strategy and aligned it with the content and ambition of sCore until 2030. In connection with the sCore implementation, the portfolio was adjusted for countries that are not aligned with the substantive or quantitative targets of our strategy. With the acquisitions of AGM in Austria for the pick-up and delivery business and Günther Küchen in Germany for our professional service offering, we have undertaken a targeted reinforcement of the portfolio in line with sCore.

The successful sCore implementation requires a cultural change, which we have already initiated with a transformation programme. As part of this ‘wholesale transformation’, we are also reorganising the collaboration between the countries and the central functions. Responsibility for strategy implementation continues to be locally manifested. The objective of the transformation is to realise even greater synergies through standardisation than before, wherever this is possible from a business and operational point of view.

In an effort to provide the best possible support for the local strategy implementation in terms of content and organisation by the group headquarters, we have analysed the sCore strategies of the countries to identify common initiatives and priorities. We will regularly track the operationalisation of the strategy through key figures. We have defined and implemented a key performance indicator system that allows us to continuously measure the strategic value drivers (cf. table ‘sCore key figure system’).

To confirm our sCore multichannel ambition for the wholesale and delivery business, all countries have developed a detailed network plan until 2030 as part of the strategy development. This also gives us a long-term indication of the investment needs in our store network within the sCore strategy. Except for the local sales ambition, the network target vision is aligned with capacity requirements and productivity targets. Based on these parameters, we are able to target investments in wholesale stores, delivery depots and warehouses/transhipment points. Correspondingly, we will increase our growth investments in a targeted manner over the next few years.

METRO MARKETS has now been launched in Italy and Portugal. Together with Germany and Spain, the online marketplace is thus already available in 4 countries. The continued expansion highlights the strategic importance of METRO MARKETS for the multichannel approach as well as for digitalisation. Similarly, the acquisition of Eijsink, a leading provider of cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems for the hospitality industry, contributes to the success of sCore. With the acquisition, METRO is accelerating the digitalisation of HoReCa customers under the Hospitality Digital (HD) umbrella. With the POS system, HD not only expands its range of DISH solutions, but also establishes a connection to already existing DISH solutions, such as DISH Order. METRO can now offer its HoReCa customers a comprehensive system consisting of various digital tools with the DISH product family. With this acquisition, METRO has taken an important step towards becoming a multichannel solution provider in financial year 2021/22.

sCore key figure system

Strategic value driver

Key figure

Ambition 2030

Wholesale value proposition

Strategic customer sales share (%)


Wholesale value proposition

Own brand sales share (%)


Wholesale value proposition

Stock Availability (%)


Multichannel experience/network optimisation (%)

FSD sales share (%)


Multichannel experience

Digital sales share (%)


Digital sales share
This is one of the key figures that METRO uses to measure and check the implementation status of the sCore strategy. It shows the digital sales share in total sales excluding internal service companies. Digital sales include transactions where an order is placed by the customer via a digital medium without interaction with METRO and can be processed automatically.
EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation)
Profit or loss before financial result, income taxes, depreciation/amortisation/impairment losses/reversals of impairment losses on property, plant and equipment, intangible assets and investment properties. This key figure serves the purpose of comparing companies with accounting systems that follow different accounting rules. The (adjusted) EBITDA indicates EBITDA excluding earnings contributions from real estate transactions and transformation costs.
Food, non-food
Under the global term food, METRO summarises the following categories of goods: fresh foods, durable foods, nutrients, frozen foods and drinks of all kinds, as well as luxury foods, dietary supplements and pet food, but also detergents, cleansers and cleaning agents, which are sometimes also labelled as near-food. All other goods are considered non-food items.
Short for hotel, restaurant and catering businesses. The HoReCa sector is one of METRO’s core customer groups and is one of the strategic customers under the sCore growth strategy.
Multichannel business model
Dovetailing the store-based wholesale stores, whose assortments are consistently aimed at professional customers, with the delivery business and digital solutions. By combining the pick-up and delivery business, we serve the different needs of our customers in the best possible way. The online marketplace METRO MARKETS expands our delivery solution to include non-food products with a focus on the needs of HoReCa customers. The multichannel business model enables METRO to offer its customers a holistic shopping experience as a business partner.
Own brands
Brand products with an attractive price/performance ratio developed by a retail company and protected by trademark law. The own brand sales share is one of the key figures that METRO uses to measure and verify the implementation status of the sCore strategy. It shows the share of own brand sales in total sales (based on the merchandise management system) excluding the segment Others.
The term ‘Traders’ at METRO refers to the customer group of independent resellers such as operators of small grocery stores and kiosks, street food vendors, gas stations and wholesalers. Traders are one of METRO’s core customer groups and are among the strategic customers under the sCore growth strategy.
sCore strategy
METRO’s growth strategy, which is aligned to the year 2030. It highlights the group’s exclusive focus on wholesale.

1 In the remaining part of the chapter, the term ‘countries’ includes our delivery specialists (Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro, Rungis Express, Aviludo and Pro a Pro Spain), unless the delivery specialists are explicitly differentiated.

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