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Dividend and dividend policy

The reported earnings per share (EPS) are €−0.92 (2020/21: €−0.15). The EPS was strongly impacted by macroeconomic volatility and the sale of the Belgian business. Without these influences, the EPS would have been positive. In line with METRO’s dividend policy (payout ratio of 45% to 55% of EPS), there are no planned dividend distributions in financial year 2021/22 for ordinary shares or preference shares.

Since METRO had not distributed a dividend for the previous financial year 2020/21 either, the preference shares have been granting voting rights since the adoption of the annual financial statements by the Supervisory Board on 7 December 2022. Consequently, the number of METRO AG voting rights increased from 360,121,736 (number of ordinary shares) to 363,097,253 (total of ordinary shares plus preference shares).

Earnings per share (EPS)
See earnings per share.

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