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30. Assets held for sale/liabilities related to assets held for sale

As of 30 September 2022, assets held for sale/liabilities related to assets held for sale in the amount of €219 million (30/9/2021: €0 million) were recognised.

The assets held for sale/liabilities related to assets held for sale in the segment East include the shares in WM Holding (HK) Limited, which were previously accounted for using the equity method, as the intention is to sell them to the main shareholder in the next financial year. The measurement of the shares at fair value less costs of disposal result in an impairment loss of €114 million. It is offset by income from the fair value measurement of the put option in the same amount, as the put option sets a minimum selling price. The impairment loss and the income from the valuation of the put option are recognised in other investment results.

In Poland, a single property is up for sale. The disposal will be completed by the middle of the coming financial year.

Furthermore, a new utilisation concept was developed for parts of the campus location in Düsseldorf in collaboration with the city of Düsseldorf in an effort to make space available for the creation of new living space. The affected partial area, which is allocated to the segment Others, was sold in October 2022.

Furthermore, 2 sites in Austria, segment West, must be sold in the near future due to antitrust requirements related to the acquisition of C & C Abholgroßmärkte Gesellschaft m.b.H. (AGM). In the meantime, the purchase contracts for both locations have been signed and the disposals will be completed in the first half of the new financial year 2022/23.

Fair value
Recognised fair value that would be received in return for the disposal of an asset or paid for the assignment of a debt in an ordinary transaction conducted between market participants on the assessment date.

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