Corporate Responsibility Progress Report 2020/21

Metro Sustainable

Letter from the Board

Is it possible to maintain something while constantly progressing? Can we zoom in on our own customers and still contribute to a global transformation process that goes beyond these relationships? Does focusing on the core business allow climate protection? We say: Yes!

Focusing on our customers and our core business drives us and our company forward – and it includes protecting resources and the climate. In this progress report, we show how we are adapting our assortment to the demands and requirements of our customers. We show how our core business with its focus on food is directly influenced by the climate and its development.

Teaser Strategy Wheel (graphic)

Sustainability Strategy –
our focus areas

We have a much greater impact on sustainability within our own business and that of our customers when we work on those topics that affect us the most and where we create the greatest leverage. We therefore target our actions on 8 focus areas and with that make an effective contribution to a more sustainable future.

Overview 2020/21

Status of climate protection target

Greenhouse gas emissions in kg CO2 (CO2 equivalents) per m2 selling and delivery space – METRO (stacked bar)


nationalities working at METRO

Our team at METRO is as diverse as our customers

CDP ‘A-’ score for climate change

Teaser CDP (graphic)

Recognition for our leadership in our actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy by global Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Number of healthier own brand products

603 products with less sugar / salt / saturated fatty acids / free from additives
430 organic products
14 alternative protein products

Forest Positive Logo

Fighting deforestation

We address excessive deforestation, forest degradation and conversion in key commodity supply chains, by working with external partners such as the Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition (FPC).

More than


million plastic bottles collected1

Through METRO’s Plastic Initiative, together with The Plastic Bank and numerous own-brand and brand suppliers we reduce use of valuable resources and advocate for more sustainable consumption and better recycling.

1 until 30 September 2021

180,000 meals saved

In 10 countries, we work with TooGoodToGo and have “saved” more than 180,000 meals so far. This corresponds to a saving of 450 tons of CO2.

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