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Alternative protein products




We define product as each separate product offered to our customers. Sometimes identical products have different GTINs in the different countries where they are sold. In such cases, these identical products are counted only once.


The methodology of calculation and target KPIs changed in reporting year 2020/21 hence makes a comparison to previous data not possible. Therefore, only 2020/21 data is shown. Compared to previous years, e.g. now the reduction threshold for sugar and saturated fatty acids is >0,5g/100g and ≥1g/100g for salt. Also, organic and alternative protein products have been introduced as new KPIs. Other reformulations already took place prior to 2018, such as 89 SKUs from the national subsidiary Bulgaria, which, however, are not added here for reporting reasons with regard to the base year 2018.

Explanation: Figures shown here refer to baseline 2018 and own brand products only. They also represent extensions of the product range and do not necessarily only mean a reformulation of existing products.

Reformulation here means reduction of sugar-/salt-/saturated fatty acids content of 0,1g per 100g for products with a minimum content of 0,5g sugar/saturated fatty acids per 100g and 1g salt per 100g.

Organic products reflected in this figure refer to products from biological agriculture and meeting requirements of EU regulations (EU 834/2007, EU 889/2008 and EU 271/2010) and other applicable national organic regulations of non-EU countries.

Alternative protein products reflected in this figure refer to alternatives to animal proteins (meat, milk, fish, eggs and their derivatives) produced using novel or new technologies and ingredients, which include: Plant-based extracts e.g. pea proteins, cell-cultures (synthetic) proteins e.g. meat grown in a lab.

New target 2023: Offer of 1,500 own-brand products METRO-wide (thereof 150 common and 1,350 locally sourced) with less sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids, completely or partially free from additives and organic certified and/or alternative protein products by end of December 2023.