Annual Report 2020/21

Consolidated financial statements of METRO AG

Year in Review

Dr Steffen Greubel Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG

Letter to the shareholders

“The past financial year was unusual and challenging in many ways. After our successful portfolio transformation during the previous years back to being a pure wholesaler, we focused in financial year 2020/21 on strengthening the operational wholesale business.”

Key figures 2020/21 for continuing operations

Turnover (€ million)


2019/20: 25,632

Adjusted EBITDA* (€ million)


2019/20: 1,158

*Excluding transformation costs and earnings contributions from real estate transactions

Delivery sales (€ million)

Net debt (€ million)


2019/20: 3,771

Investments (€ million)


2019/20: 627

The Management Board

Our company is led by an experienced management team with a strong track record in food and business transformation.

METRO Magazine

Two men holding hands in vineyard (Photo)

Heirs of the Vines

The winegrowers' cooperative Viñedos de Aldeanueva combines tradition and innovation – and has been a strong partner of METRO for years. A visit to the grape harvest in La Rioja.

Robot arm moves container (Photo)

Fresh to the table

Evening order, morning delivery: Smart processes behind Food Service Distribution (FSD) ensure that customers receive their goods quickly and in top condition.

Shopkeeper in front of camping kiosk (Photo)

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

A fire destroyed Valéria Fialová’s livelihood. Give up? Not an option. Together with METRO, the trader takes a fresh start.

Gastronomer Beltle sits on bench in café (Photo)

Digital tools behind the counter

Restaurateurs go online with DISH: They want no-frills tools that reduce costs and are easy to use.

Customer in front of restaurant (Photo)

A taste of Beirut in the heart of Madrid

In his restaurant Mune, MAKRO customer Rabih Haddad combines taste, conviviality and a sense of history.


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