Investor Relations

The METRO Investor Relations team is in continuous dialogue with analysts, institutional investors and retail investors. The team is guided by the principles of customer-focused capital market support:

  • Topicality: assurance of information leadership
  • Continuity: consistency in external communications
  • Credibility: disclosure of accurate information
  • Equal treatment: same information in terms of time and content for all recipients

In addition to the regular quarterly and yearly reporting, the Investor Relations team is also available for personal meetings at roadshows and conferences. It also conducts numerous individual and group discussions, store inspections and telephone conferences. The team continued this dialogue throughout the pandemic, in particular through virtual roadshows and conference participation.

All information about the METRO AG share is available in German and English from the Investor Relations section of the website.

Among other things, the website offers additional information about METRO’s corporate strategy and business development, all current publications, the schedule of events and the annual report. A webcast is available for all METRO events. The Investor Relations team can also be contacted directly. The Annual General Meeting of METRO AG provides all shareholders with the opportunity to learn about the current developments at METRO.

Its active membership in the German Equity Institute (Deutsches Aktieninstitut e. V., DAI) in Frankfurt allows METRO to actively promote an investment culture with an affinity for equities in Germany. METRO is also committed to the principles of open and continuous communications, which is expressed in the company’s membership in the German Investor Relations Association (Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e. V., DIRK) and its active involvement in the Association’s activities.

Contact Investor Relations

Investor Relations
Schlüterstraße 1
40235 Düsseldorf, Germany
T +49 211 6886-1280
F +49 211 6886-73-3759