27. Trade receivables

Trade receivables declined by €4 million, from €575 million to €571 million. These are receivables with a remaining term of up to 1 year.

The ’s figures include €21 million attributable to the hypermarket business to be disposed of.

have reduced trade receivables by a further €14 million.

The Asia segment reported an increase after currency effects of €19 million, which is essentially attributable to extended payment terms together with higher sales volumes in China.

The delivery sales of the METRO Wholesale Eastern Europe segment also picked up, in particular in Turkey, and contributed a further €11 million.

Previous year
Period of 12 months, usually cited as reference for statements in an annual report.
Currency effects
Currency effects result from situations where identical quantities of currency units are translated into another currency at differing exchange rates.
Wholesale, METRO Wholesale
The METRO Wholesale segment comprises the METRO Wholesale sales line of METRO AG with more than 769 wholesale stores across 35 countries worldwide. This also includes the delivery business (Food Service Distribution) with companies like METRO delivery service and the delivery specialists Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro and Rungis Express.