The Others segment comprises, among others, the centralised activities of METRO, the procurement organisation in Hong Kong, which also operates on behalf of third parties, as well as logistics services and real estate activities of METRO PROPERTIES which are not attributed to any . These include, for example, speciality stores, warehouses and head offices.

METRO owns an extensive portfolio of real estate assets comprising more than 1,000 operating sites, 279 of which form part of the Real’s hypermarket business. METRO PROPERTIES concentrates the real estate know-how of METRO and has established itself on the market as a reputable real estate company. The real estate segment makes a sustainable and significant contribution to the overall business success of METRO.

METRO PROPERTIES operates, develops and markets an international portfolio of properties. Its activities cover the entire life cycle of METRO’s real estate assets: from future-oriented investments, economic property operation/maintenance to sustainable and creative development of the real estate assets as well as the realisation of capital gains when disposing of a real estate asset at the right point in time. In the reporting year, METRO PROPERTIES sold an administration building at Albertussee in Düsseldorf which had been continuously upgraded over time to a project developer who converted the office areas into residential space. Other successful development projects and sale-and-leaseback transactions include projects in Spain and other European countries. METRO PROPERTIES also created post-urbanisation concepts for sites in India and China.

METRO PROPERTIES is continuously developing the property portfolio of METRO. METRO also benefits of opportunities for bolt-on businesses, such as sub-licensing of its comprehensive market expertise, and the excellent reputation of METRO PROPERTIES.

Sales line
Part of a retail company that operates outlets or stores with a specific merchandising concept.