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More than 150,000 employees who give their all for customers every day. Who think entrepreneurially, are open to new things, accept responsibility, learn from mistakes and work together to solve problems. And who bring a lot of external experience to the company. Here, 5 of them tell us what makes them tick.

How can challenges be overcome?

FG “When I am called out with my colleagues from the voluntary fire brigade, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY AND TEAMWORK are what matter most. Just thinking about your own success and well-being doesn’t work. Whether I am at work or volunteering, both our customers and citizens in need of help have to be able to rely on me at all times.”

Fire department shirt (photo)
Frank Groß, customer manager at METRO Cash & Carry Germany (photo)

Frank Gross

At METRO Cash & Carry for 22 years
POSITION customer manager at METRO Cash & Carry Germany
HOBBY putting out fires – member of the voluntary fire brigade since 1991, now chief fire officer

What is the key to winning?

BK “On the one hand, lots of practice, the right technique and tactics. On the other hand, learning from mistakes and defeats. In historical European martial arts, there is a culture of failure. Every time you compete with an opponent, you sound out your opportunities and try something new. The wrong decisions quickly lead to defeat, but that’s all part of it. This is precisely where the key to long-term success lies. YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES, what works and what doesn’t, and that makes you better and better.”

Close up – Glove (photo)
Boris Kalesse at sword fighting training (photo)
Boris Kalesse, Manager Corporate Website at METRO AG (photo)

Boris Kalesse

At METRO since 2011
Position Manager Corporate Website at METRO AG
Hobby demonstrating fighting spirit – he has been practising historical martial arts for 5 years with his friends

What makes customers happy?

JW “You need an excellent product and passion. Customers notice immediately whether you just want to sell something or whether your heart and soul are in it. I focus on EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY AND UNUSUAL FLAVOURS. Whether it’s Thai, Indian or Mexican meatballs – things with a new twist are surprising. It’s what people go for. And: being friendly doesn’t hurt – not even in Berlin!”

Beef Balls (photo)
Jochen Wolfgramm, Social Media & Content Manager at METRO Cash & Carry Germany (photo)
Tube ketchup and mayonnaise (photo)

Jochen Wolfgramm

At METRO Cash & Carry since June 2017
Position Social Media & Content Manager at METRO Cash & Carry Germany
Hobby frying meatballs – owner of Berlin Beef Balls for the past 4 years, runs a street food stand in Markthalle Neun, an indoor market in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district

How impor­tant is it to take responsi­bility?

MLR “Hunters have a huge responsibility. We make sure the ecosystem in the hunting ground remains healthy. Wild boars cause serious damage to fields when they are looking for food, which has a massive impact on farmers’ earnings. As the animals’ natural predators, wolves, are extinct here, we regulate the population. RESPECT IS THE BE-ALL AND END-ALL – not just on a hunt, of course.”

Picture made by a wild animal camera (photo)
Monika Lauer-Reiter, member of the General Works Council METRO Cash & Carry Germany (photo)
Monika Lauer-Reiter sitting in a car (photo)

Monika Lauer-Reiter

At METRO Cash & Carry for 25 years
Position member of the General Works Council METRO Cash & Carry Germany
Hobby stalking game – hunter in the Schöffengrund-Oberwetz hunting ground, Hesse, for 6 years

Why is it worth being open to new things?

TK “As an ambulance driver and refugee support volunteer with Malteser Hilfsdienst, no 2 assignments are the same for me. I constantly have to adapt to new situations and people. It’s important not to close your mind, but to embrace differences. I have learnt to take an OPEN-MINDED, TOLERANT AND RESPECTFUL VIEW of new things at all times. This allows me to explore totally different perspectives, which is always an enriching experience. I have also noticed that our customers are very keen to help. For several years, we have been asking shoppers at my store to donate the deposit that is refunded when they return reusable bottles to charitable projects run by the Malteser organisation. This raises several thousand euros every year.”

Monetary donation in the form of diverse paper pads (photo)
Thomas Körblein, manager of the Real store in Köln-Sülz (photo)
Thomas Körblein (photo)


At Real since 1990
Position manager of the Real store in Köln-Sülz
Hobby helping people – volunteer at the charity Malteser Hilfsdienst for 33 years