Two man at a street market (photo)
Food product – Eggplants (photo)
Golden cow (photo)
Indian seller with fresh fruit and vegetables (photo)

I India is: colourful saris, grand palace complexes, holy cows and fiery spices. But India is also much more than this: it is an emerging economic power, a culture rich in tradition and a thriving cradle of the high-tech industry. The Indian economy is steadily growing, and increased by 7.1% in 2016/17. The main driver is the service sector. By contrast, agriculture is declining, although this is still where the majority of people are employed. To redress the imbalance between the cities and the countryside, the Indian government is investing in education and infrastructure and opening up the economy to foreign investors. For METRO, India is one of the most attractive markets of the future. Here are some impressions from a country that is becoming increasingly important.

Butcher at work (photo)
Market trader (photo)
Food product – Pomegranate (photo)
Food product – Fish (photo)

Almost every street corner has a kirana store. There are around 12 million of these small, owner-run corner stores. Many of them have been owned by the same family for generations. In the cities, the kirana stores are now facing increasing competition, including from online retail.

Wall with products of a market seller (photo)
Arun P. weighing a product (photo)
METRO Cash & Carry Partner Arun P. with his wife (photo)

For Arun P., METRO Cash & Carry India is a reliable partner with a comprehensive product range – and free parking right in front of the store.

Kirana store (photo)
Food product – Grated spices (photo)
METRO Cash & Carry customer Prabhu M. (photo)

Prabhu M. consistently finds the best prices at METRO Cash & Carry India – because the company adjusts its prices to current market developments.

Food product – Legumes (photo)
Kirana store owner Prakash V. with his family (photo)
Food product – Care and hygiene products (photo)

The family of Prakash V. has been running its kirana store for 20 years. It values METRO Cash & Carry India especially for the personal consultation it offers.

Kirana stores are one of METRO Cash & Carry India’s core target groups, since they account for 95% of the Indian retail sector. As a reliable partner, the company supports the storekeepers in modernising and expanding their businesses. With competitive prices, a relevant product range, fast delivery, digital solutions, business seminars and various credit services, METRO Cash & Carry is helping to make the small stores more efficient and profitable – putting them in a position to survive alongside the big consumer outlets. More than 1.8 million family-run businesses in 14 Indian cities are currently customers of METRO Cash & Carry India.

Busy market scene (photo)
Food product – Vegetable (photo)
Young indian man in a good mood (photo)
Sarket sellers (photo)
Food product – Fruits (photo)
Workers in a hall (photo)
Food product – Vegetable (photo)