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Colorful meal presented in a white plate carried by a hand; second hand carries cutlery over the plate (photo)
In Germany
there are around 11,100 hotels,
73,400 restaurants and 13,300 catering companies.

All of them could benefit from the innovative solutions developed and marketed by HoReCa Digital.

M Most of the people who run restaurants and hotels are driven by passion – they have a burning desire to provide good service and good food, and they love the contact with their guests. But their day-to-day working lives often look a bit different from what they expected. Administrative tasks take up a lot of time. And, in today’s digital age, an attractive online presence is a must. Switching to more efficient digital processes and applications – including in the areas of accounts and personnel planning – could take pressure off many businesses. Yet not everyone in the industry has embraced digital technology. This is why METRO is helping hotels, restaurants and catering companies (HoReCa) to make better use of the opportunities available.

Collage – Four hands present diverse snacks (photo)

HoReCa Digital offers various products – in part in cooperation with partners – that lighten the administrative burden of, especially, small businesses. 3 examples:

1 Gastrocockpit management software for continuously recording and analysing all key business indicators

2 Free website a kit for designing websites for the food service industry quickly and easily

3 Frag Paul a digital personnel assistant for HR management, time tracking, payroll accounting, shift and holiday planning – developed by Frag Paul, a start-up that successfully participated in the METRO Accelerator 2016 programme

METRO’s activities in this area are grouped into a business unit called HoReCa Digital. The international, agile HoReCa Digital team consists of product developers, project managers, IT professionals, investment experts and sales specialists, who work together on suitable solutions – independently of METRO’s core business and often in partnership with start-ups. To ensure that solutions reach their target groups faster, HoReCa Digital invests as a partner in promising young companies. Start-ups that are still in the early development phase receive advice and assistance from HoReCa Digital through the METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars programme.

The products and services developed and supported by HoReCa Digital are many and varied, but the aim is always the same: to give the HoReCa sector more time to focus on its core business.