Doing a quick shop for the weekend after work? Spending hours on a Saturday looking for a new washing machine with the kids? There often isn’t enough time in our busy day-to-day lives. This is why more and more consumers in Germany are shopping online. Real is well placed to benefit from this growth: The online marketplace real.de has countless non-food items to choose from.

Since summer 2017, Real has also been offering a click-and-collect service for food items in some areas. Customers can order and pay via computer, tablet or smartphone and pick up their shopping from their nearest store at a time to suit them. Selected stores also offer a food delivery service and there are plans for more. This means Real customers have a choice: they can do their shopping in-store, or they can order everything online.


What with taking the little one to nursery, helping the older one with his homework, cleaning and cooking, taking the children to sports clubs after school and buying food for dinner: during the week, there isn’t much time for other important tasks. So why not order that new washing machine online? All it takes is a few clicks in the evening, after the children are in bed. And then the weekend is free for family outings, games and fun.

Mann with Tablet in his hand (photo)
Tablet, cup of coffee, teapot and fruit bowl (photo)
Man relaxing with a tablet in the kitchen (photo)


Uni assignments are piling up and there are 2 family birthdays coming up. When are you going to find the time to buy presents? You want to get a pepper mill for Mum and a toy fire engine for your nephew. Thank goodness for real.de. A short search later and you’ve filled your basket and placed your order, leaving your head free for that assignment.

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Man in front of a bookshelf (photo)
Cactus, MacBook, bunch of keys, notebooks and decoration on a commode (photo)


Thursday 6 p.m. The meeting at work is running late again. You have to finish a presentation for tomorrow and your in-laws are coming at the weekend. So will you have to spend your Friday evening shopping instead of going to the gym? Thanks to the real.de app you can quickly order all the food you need – on the move, from your smartphone or tablet.

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Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin (photo)
Women with mobile phone in front of a public conveyance (photo)