Market capitalisation and index inclusion

The market capitalisation of METRO AG was €3.1 billion at the end of September 2020. In financial year 2019/20, a typical trading day at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange saw an average of around 985,000 of METRO’s ordinary shares traded. On average, about 2,200 of the significantly fewer liquid preference shares were exchanged on each trading day.

The METRO AG ordinary share is included in a number of indices, most noteworthy the MDAX. The composition is based on fixed inclusion criteria. In addition to being listed in the Prime Standard and a free float of more than 10%, inclusion in the index depends on the free-float market capitalisation and the stock exchange turnover. In terms of market capitalisation, METRO was ranked 45th in the MDAX and 9th in terms of trading volume.

Sustainability is a high priority for METRO. Consequently, the company is fostering the continuous dialogue with sustainability-oriented investors, analysts and rating agencies. The METRO share is represented in numerous sustainability indices, such as the (World and Europe), the FTSE4Good Index, the MSCI World ESG Leaders Index and its European counterpart.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)
An index family that measures the sustainability of the company. The measurement is comprised of economic, environmental and social criteria. For listed companies, the focus is on corporate management, employee policy and transparency, compliance with human rights and risk management. Among all sustainability indices, the DJSI family carries a particular cachet in terms of quality.