50. Events after the closing date

METRO is acquiring the Aviludo Group

METRO is acquiring the Aviludo Group, the second-largest Portuguese food supplier based in Quarteira, Algarve. In addition to the operational business, the transaction also includes Aviludo’s logistics platforms. The Aviludo Group’s sales in 2019 (before the Covid-19 pandemic) amounted to approximately €152 million. The acquisition price is in the mid double-digit million range. This acquisition is further step towards a complete focus on customers. The acquisition is subject to approval by the relevant authorities. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

EP Global Commerce GmbH increases its share of voting rights in METRO AG

EP Global Commerce GmbH, which currently holds 29.99% of the voting rights in METRO AG based on the notification of voting rights dated 10 October 2020, published a voluntary takeover bid on 1 October 2020 with regard to all shares in METRO AG. In its final announcement on 20 November 2020, EP Global Commerce GmbH declared that a total of 10.60% of the ordinary shares had been proffered to it until the end of the additional offer period. The finalisation of the takeover bid is subject to regulatory approvals. According to the information in the offer document, EP Global Commerce GmbH expects the closing by the end of 2020, but no later than by February 2021.

Short for hotel, restaurant and catering businesses. The HoReCa segment is an important customer group for METRO.