7. Earnings share of operating/non-operating companies recognised at equity

The earnings of operating companies recognised at equity that have an operational relation to the ordinary business activities, are shown in the income statement in the item. It amounts to €24 million (2017/18: €14 million). Of these, €15 million (2017/18: €5 million) are attributable to the METRO Western Europe (excl. Germany) segment and €9 million (2017/18: €8 million) to the Others segment as well as €1 million (2017/18: €1 million) to the METRO Asia segment. The earnings share of non-operating companies recognised at equity is shown in the net financial result and amounts to €0 million (2017/18: €0 million). The earnings shares of operating and non-operating companies consolidated at equity amounted to a total of €24 million (2017/18: €14 million).

EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)
Profit or loss before financial result and (income) taxes. Due to its independence from different forms of financing and tax systems, this key figure can also be used for international comparison with other companies.