Events after the closing date

METRO AG sells majority share in METRO China to Wumei Technology Group

On 11 October 2019, METRO AG (‘METRO’) entered into an agreement with Wumei Technology Group, Inc. (‘Wumei’), a leading Chinese retailer, to form a strategic partnership for the Chinese operations of METRO (‘METRO China’). This partnership includes the sale of METRO’s entire indirect investment in METRO China (excluding a real estate company sold separately in September 2019) to a subsidiary of Wumei (the buyer) for a company value (enterprise value, 100%) of approximately €1.9 billion. The consideration includes an estimated net cash inflow of more than €1.0 billion as well as a 20% investment of METRO in METRO China.

The closing of this transaction is subject to the approval of the regulatory authorities.

EP Global Commerce GmbH increases its share of voting rights in METRO AG

EP Global Commerce GmbH increased its voting rights in METRO AG from 17.52% to 29.99% as of 6 November 2019 based on the notifications of voting rights submitted to the company. They and possibly other affiliated companies and related parties will thus become related companies and parties of METRO AG as of this date. Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH and its subsidiaries are no longer related parties due to the reduction of their voting rights.