Amount of solid waste and recycling rate (in kg per m2 of selling and delivery space and in %)


Amount of waste and recycling rate – METRO (bar & pie)


Amount of waste and recycling rate – Germany (bar & pie)
Amount of solid waste
Recycling rate

1 The information on “Germany” here includes METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland and R Express.

Definition: Solid waste (excl. food waste) from METRO stores, head quarters and warehouses as well as FSD companies R Express and Pro à Pro France generated in relation to the space used for selling and delivery operations. The recycling rate is calculated as the amount of solid waste destined for recycling, energy recovery and composting in relation to the amount of total waste.

Explanation: Compared to the previous year, METRO recorded a 10.4% increase in savings per m2 used for selling and delivery operations. The drivers for this development are:

  • Waste for landfill (35,191 t)
  • Waste for recycling (101,538 t)
  • Waste without selected disposal route (16,419 t)

When we calculate the recycling rate, we do not take hazardous waste into account because we cannot systematically record the way in which it is treated (recycled or disposed of) in all of the countries in which we operate. However, based on information from several countries, most of the hazardous waste is also recycled. In reality, the recycling rate should therefore be higher.