Responsibility @ METRO

Our aim is to act responsibly and sustainably in our own business operations and along the entire value chain. On the basis of our strategic approach and with a view to the issues considered material by our stakeholders, we have defined 4 areas of responsibility for our company:

Two aspects form the umbrella for our areas of responsibility.

Firstly, we focus on people. With our commitment, projects and measures, we pursue the goal of establishing sustainable relationships with our employees, partners, suppliers and customers in all areas of our value chain and finding solutions for sustainable business success.

Second: As a wholesaler our focus is on the food and hospitality sector. We therefore give high priority to the availability and quality of food as well as those being healthy, socially compliant and ecologically sound. This goes hand in hand with our focus on issues such as reducing food waste and sustainable product assortment and services.

Based on examples from the various divisions of our company as well as from METRO countries, the following chapters show how we deal with these and other topics within our areas of responsibility, what goals we have set ourselves and what progress we have already achieved. The design of specific approaches and the operational implementation of initiatives lie in the individual responsibility of the sales lines and national subsidiaries. This decentralised approach reflects the diversity of our company and in the concrete design of goals and measures makes it possible to take into account different national and regional circumstances and stakeholder demands right down to the country level.