Sustainability indices and rankings

The measures that we implement in the field of sustainability are evaluated among other things by our stakeholder groups in the form of ratings. These assessments of independent third parties are an important source of motivation for us and also serve as a management tool as they indicate the progress we have made as well as room for improvement in our activities. An example of this is linking the remuneration paid to the Management Board and the global senior management with the assessment of the sustainability performance of METRO in the rating of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Evaluation in relevant sustainability indices and rankings







Publication date

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World/Europe


Industry Group Leader
Food & Staples Retailing


0 to 100



ISS-oekom Corporate Rating


Prime Status


D– to A+



CDP Climate Scoring




F to A



CDP Water Scoring




F to A



FTSE4Good Global/Europe Index


Index member





Explanation: As part of our stakeholder dialogue, we inform the capital market about our sustainability management activities. This means our sustainability performance is rated by independent third parties.

Oekom Research (now called ISS-oekom) awarded the prime status C+ (on a scale from D- to A+) to METRO in August 2018. In addition, we topped the Food & Staple Retailing group for the 4th consecutive time in financial year 2017/18 in the internationally important sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe. METRO is also listed in the FTSE4Good index. METRO has been issuing public statements on climate protection and water for many years through CDP. METRO achieved a rating of A- (on a scale from F to A) for both subject areas.