Embedding sustainability

Sustainability means more to us than concentrating on ecological and social issues: sustainability is a question of attitude and a way of working. It drives what we do and is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Corporate strategy (graphic)

We embed sustainability aspects in relevant business processes and decision paths – for instance via guidelines, like the guideline for sustainable sourcing – and involve our employees, for example through our Sustainability Day and through information on our social network platform. Our goal is for individuals to be able to recognise the significance of sustainability for themselves and for their work environment so that they can steer their own actions accordingly. METRO can drive the topic from the top, but every one of our more than 150,000 employees needs to internalise it, so that they can help us achieve an impact in the area of sustainability.

Anchoring sustainability (graphic)

Our company has various measures and tools available for advancing the sustainability embedding process: