Sustainability approach Real

We promote sustainability to ensure that the generations to come will likewise be able to grow up in a healthy physical and social environment with good prospects for the future.

Sustainability is one of the 6 pillars of Real’s marketing approach

Sustainability as part of the marketing approach (graphic)
Patrick Müller-Sarmiento und Henning Gieseke (Foto)

Patrick Müller-Sarmiento and Henning Gieseke
Chairmen of the General Management of Real

‘Sustainability is no marketing gag but a question of attitude. Acting responsibly is our mandate and guiding principle. As retailers we will return the focus to food items that are produced with dedication and ecological reason.’

Quality, service, freshness and good value for money are among Real’s fortes. Every weekday, some 34,000 employees at the about 280 Real hypermarkets devote themselves to the customers. The company’s bricks-and-mortar stores and its digital portfolio also include the Markthalle Krefeld, the Emmas Enkel shop in Düsseldorf, an online shop, an online food shop plus click-and-collect services.

Sustainability is firmly embedded in Real’s strategy. In accordance with the motto of ‘Acting responsibly’, the company pursues its sustainability efforts in 4 different fields of action. Real feels just as committed to environmental and consumer protection as it is to its employees and suppliers.

Real’s 4 fields of action

Scheme: acting out of responsibility (photo)

Real’s sustainability strategy defines 4 fields of action under the motto of ‘Acting responsibly’. The company has formulated sustainability targets and concrete measures for each of these fields:

Product range: Our customers should be able to shop with us in good conscience. We are committed to minimising the use of raw materials and resources while simultaneously respecting and protecting people, animals and nature.

Employees: We support our employees in all life situations. We give our employees’ careers a jump start, offer them opportunities to grow and climb the career ladder, and provide them with support in difficult circumstances in their lives.

Environment: Our actions should have as little impact on the environment as possible and should conserve resources.

Customers and society: Our public activities are characterised by credible social responsibility and ties to the community.

The goals within the fields of action were developed in collaboration with the respective departments and have been strategically embedded in the company. Their operational implementation takes place in the various departments on the basis of concrete sub-goals and measures which have been defined accordingly. Additionally, Real continues to develop its sustainability strategy, checks its measures regularly and adjusts them on the basis of new insights because Real views sustainability as a process which calls for the company to continuously evolve.