Environmental protection

PRINCIPLE 7: Precautionary approach to environmental challenges

PRINCIPLE 8: Promotion of greater environmental responsibility

PRINCIPLE 9: Environmentally friendly technologies

Commitments and management systems


Measures 2016/17


Achievements 2016/17

METRO environmental policy

Energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001

METRO climate protection target: reducing greenhouse gas emissions per m2 of selling space by 50% from 369 kg CO2e/m2 in 2011 to 184 kg CO2e/m2 in 2030

Buying policy for sustainable sourcing, also specific purchasing guidelines on fish, palm oil and packaging

International standards along the supply chain (GLOBALGAP, IFS)

The Consumer Goods Forum’s Resolution on Deforestation

The Consumer Goods Forum’s Resolution on Sustainable Refrigeration

The Consumer Goods Forum’s Resolution on Food Waste

Membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Membership in the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)

Company car guideline with incentive system for more fuel-efficient vehicles

“EV100” commitment (electric vehicle joining commitment) organised by the NGO Climate Group


Implementing energy-saving measures in all the sales lines, e.g. with the Energy-Saving Programme and the Energy Awareness Programme for METRO Cash & Carry

F-Gas Exit Programme: switching over our refrigeration systems to natural refrigerants such as CO2 or ammonia

Assisting consumers with energy efficiency and correct disposal by providing relevant information and guides and also by taking back old electrical appliances at METRO Cash & Carry and Real in Germany

Transparent public reporting on climate change and water by participating in the CDP climate change programme and the CDP water programme, as well as active questioning of important suppliers about the CDP water supply chain programme

Implementing the general buying policy for sustainable procurement and the specific buying guidelines for fish, palm oil and packaging

Range of ecologically and socially certified products

Voluntary commitment to reporting on projects and their aims, measures and KPIs concerning circular economy by 2018 in the context of the Retailers’ Environmental Action Programme (REAP), which is jointly sponsored by the European Commission and European retailers and associations

Analysis of the impact of the intensified expansion in Food Service Distribution on nature capital and social capital


Greenhouse gas emissions per m2 of selling space reduced by 20% compared to 2011

Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity per m2 of selling space reduced by 25% compared to 2011

Greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerant losses per m2 of selling space reduced by 22% compared to 2011

See KPIs on the carbon footprint and status of the climate protection target

Water consumption per m2 of selling space increased by more than 3% compared with the previous year

Environmental KPIs successfully audited externally once again

Energy management systems certified or recertified in accordance with ISO 50001 at over 500 locations. Certification of other locations is planned.

Renewed BREEAM certification for METRO headquarters

Opening of the first METRO Cash & Carry green store in Dongguan, China and completion of the first zero-emission store in St Pölten, Austria

Charging point infrastructure for electromobility expanded to more than 100 charging points at METRO Cash & Carry

Implementation of an industry-wide traceability system as a precautionary measure relating to illegal fishing in various countries, and expansion to include new partners, countries and product groups

Products certified in accordance with the EU regulation on organic farming accounted for approx. €140 million in sales within the METRO Cash & Carry and Real sales lines in Germany

In Germany, METRO Cash & Carry and Real generated sales of over €93 million with products caught using sustainable fishing practices and aquaculture. These are products bearing the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and EU organic logos. Real generated sales of more than €440 million with regional products in the last financial year. Sales of products bearing the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label or the label of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) amounted to €39 million.