Anti-corruption measures

PRINCIPLE 10: Combating corruption

Commitments and management systems


Measures 2016/17


Achievements 2016/17

METRO Business Principles

Anti-corruption guidelines for dealings with business partners and officials

Business partner questionnaires

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, embedded in a variety of corporate guidelines

Supply Chain Initiative (SCI)


Group-wide compliance communications providing staff with information in various formats, including METRO’s social network platform, in order to ensure compliant conduct and prevent anti-competitive behaviour

Implementation of an internal control system for managing compliance risks within operational processes, including systematic checks, dual control and separation of functions

  • Regular monitoring of internal controls within the operating processes
  • Implementation of internal controls in other processes relating to key compliance issues (e.g. anti-corruption measures)

Due diligence assessments of business partners based on the anti-corruption guidelines by means of business partner questionnaires

Inclusion of an anti-corruption clause in contracts with business partners


Examples of internal communication measures:

  • Compliance Talks
  • Compliance presence on METRO’s social network

Examples of external communication measures:

  • Membership of and active involvement in the Alliance for Integrity, an anti-corruption initiative run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the United Nations Global Compact network

Training management optimisation for better adaptation of all training in the area of Corporate Legal Affairs & Compliance and to ensure there is a sufficient array of training for the target group, with defined mandatory training seminars

Implementation of anti-corruption training for the relevant target group in accordance with METRO’s training management

  • In financial year 2016/17, training on the topic of anti-corruption measures was given to more than 90% of the employees and executives in almost all business units.
  • Measures to improve these training quotas have already been initiated.
  • Additionally, training for new employees working in risk-based positions (such as purchasers)

Governance of all the METRO units managed by the Corporate Legal Affairs & Compliance department