Sustainable operations



Status of goal attain­ment




Status of measures

METRO will reduce ist greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, from 369 kg of CO2e/m2 in 2011 to 184 kg of CO2e/m2 by 2030.


Work in progress


Energy-saving programme: Investments in renewable energies and to increase energy efficiency.

Energy awareness programme: Increasing awareness for responsible use of energy.

F-Gas exit programme: Investments to reduce the emissions of refrigeration equipment.


Measure ongoing

METRO has committed itself to the “Resolution on Food Waste” by the Consumer Goods Forum and thereby to reducing the volume of food products discarded in our own business operations by 50% until the year 2025 (reference value: 2016).


Work in progress


Establishment of a working group dedicated to the issue of waste as part of Operations Federation.

Evaluation of the implementation of “Food Loss and Waste Protocol” in a selected pilot country.


Measure ongoing