Embedding sustainability within the company



Status of goal attain­ment




Status of measures

METRO is systematically making sustainability an integral part of its daily operations.


Work in progress


Continuous implementation of the sustainability related initiatives within our business processes (ongoing): METRO’s sustainability measures include specific guidelines, the group also considers sustainability aspects in its decision-making processes. As an example, we invest between €20 and 25 million each year in energy-saving measures. The monetary value of CO2 emissions is an important part of the decision-making process for investment applications.


Measure ongoing





Sharpen employees’ understanding of sustainable behaviour.

Driving sustainability campaigns.

  • METRO prepares and distributes internal and external communications relating to the wider topic of METRO and sustainability throughout the year. A good example is the UN World Water Day celebrated by our company on 22 March 2017 at its head office in Düsseldorf and 20 METRO countries around the globe. In the future, METRO will shine the spotlight on this and other important international sustainability days, throughout our administrative offices and sales outlets.
  • Our company also conducts sustainability workshops within our business units and the national subsidiaries in particular.
  • METRO also frequently hosts sustainability events, such as a Sustainability Week in our head office and Sustainability Days in 16 METRO Cash & Carry national subsidiaries.
  • Sustainability also plays an important part in our annual employee survey METRO Voice. The survey is conducted among employees at 25 METRO Cash & Carry national subsidiaries, 10 service companies and METRO AG. The survey results for the reporting year indicate that 82% of surveyed employees state their employer is an environmentally conscious company that accepts social responsibility.


Measure ongoing





Integration of the notion of sustainability into existing training programmes (partially completed).

  • We have conducted the METRO Sustainable Leadership Program for the third consecutive time with the aim of reinforcing our executives’ awareness for sustainability.
  • Sustainability aspects are also firmly embedded in our new executive development programme called Lead & Win.


Measure ongoing