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Status of measures

METRO is expanding its projects involving food donations to international food bank initiatives from the current 16 METRO Cash & Carry countries to at least 17 countries.


Work in progress


METRO Cash & Carry cooperates with food bank initiatives in 16 of the 25 METRO countries. Collaboration in the remaining countries is challenging due to external circumstances such as political or taxrelated reasons.

At present, METRO Cash & Carry is holding talks with local relief organisations and politicians with the aim of advancing the cooperation in those countries where extraneous circumstances stand in the way of working together.


Measure ongoing

METRO launched the community involvement programme We help.The programme allows METRO to render non-bureaucratic help, assist in acute emergency situations and promote the integration of refugees. Our goal is to contribute a total of €1 million to refugee assistance projects in Europe by the end of financial year 2015/16. We have thus increased the budget for “community investments” (corporate citizenship) by €1 million.


Goal reached


The expansion of the programme and a groupinternal round of applications – online and offline – has encouraged METRO colleagues to get involved.


Measure completed

Due to the great success of the community involvement programme We help, the Management Board has decided to continue the programme in financial year 2016/17. In 2017, all METRO subsidiaries may apply for special funding for their projects. All types of voluntary involvement are encouraged.


Work in progress


The expansion of the programme and an additional round of applications – online and offline – has encouraged METRO colleagues to get involved.

The application paperwork has been translated into all METRO languages.


Measure ongoing

METRO will be the title sponsor at the Düsseldorf Marathon for the 15th time in 2018. One of the reasons for sponsoring the marathon is to foster employee loyalty. Participation not only increases team spirit but also promotes the health of participants. On average, nearly 700 co-workers take part each year. We intend to sustain or even increase our involvement and are working on further increasing the number of METRO participants from 650 runners in 2017.


Work in progress


Intensified promotion of the METRO Marathon via the group’s social intranet, both within Germany and abroad.


Measure ongoing

The inclusion of the UNWFP is scheduled for implementation in 6 national subsidiaries/service companies by the end of financial year 2017/18.


New goal imple­mented


Creation of a contractual framework to assist with the preparation of local contracts.

METRO AG is engaged in intense cooperation discussions with our colleagues in the METRO companies.


Measure started