Sustainable consumption



Status of goal attain­ment




Status of measures

METRO initiates and promotes the development of an international technical solution for global traceability that encompasses all industries and products.


Work in progress


Following successful implementation of the traceability solution Pro Trace for the fish and meat product categories at METRO Cash & Carry Germany, we started to introduce the solution in other countries at the beginning of 2015. At present, numerous countries and our international trading offices are involved in the project.

After extending the project scope on country level to include the fish and meat product ranges, we have optimised our approach in 2016/17 and are now capable of tracing internal processing steps with this solution.

METRO also supports the international cross-industry initiative Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST). The goal of the initiative is to ensure interoperability in this important area.


Measure ongoing

Sustainable products are products carrying certified seals or labels or Real’s own or an approved quality seal. This also includes regional, reusable and free-range products.

Real has set itself the target of achieving a 30% increase in the share of sustainable food and near food products by the year 2019.


Work in progress


A solid data pool has been prepared in order to ascertain the status quo and will now serve as the basis for the listing of new products. We also conduct specific training measures and initiate intensive discussions with our suppliers. Our priority are the modifications in the rack planograms, with the main focus firmly fixed on sustainable products.


Measure ongoing