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20. Other financial and other non-financial assets

Other financial assets include receivables due from suppliers in particular. Receivables due from suppliers comprise both invoiced receivables and deferred income for subsequent supplier compensation (for example bonuses, advertising subsidies) and creditors with debit balances.

Additionally, the other financial assets primarily consist of receivables from financing lease agreements, a put option, receivables from credit card transactions, receivables from claims, receivables from other financial transactions and receivables and other assets from the real estate sector.

The other non-financial assets primarily consist of the other tax receivables in the amount of €215 million (30/9/2022: €197 million). This item also includes prepaid expenses and deferred income, prepayments on inventories and other non-current assets as well as raw materials and supplies.

Furthermore, the other non-financial assets consist of contract assets and assets for the right to recover products from a customer on settling the refund liabilities.

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