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Our framework

We are guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These form the global framework for our corporate strategy, which is shaped by the sustainability principle. We have honed our sustainability approach based on the SDGs. Our wide range of activities and the interrelationships between individual projects and between the individual SDGs mean that our sustainability activities contribute to the 17 goals of the global agenda.

Letter from the Management Board

“Sustainability is a necessity and an important lever to make our core business and that of our customers successful and fit for the future. With ‘METRO Sustainable inside’ we are making sustainability a matter of course – and at the same time something quite extraordinary.

We are on the move. This is more than just a challenge – it is a great opportunity!”

We are on the move

We are aware of the many challenges facing our society. But we also see the many encouraging initiatives and steps through which we are increasingly developing into a sustainable company. Read more about this in our areas of responsibility.

In our videos, we introduce people who get things moving - because they inspire others, because they make a valuable contribution to securing our planet, because they actively promote local value creation, and because they build and maintain partnerships. This is more than a challenge - it is a great opportunity!

Sustainability needs people who have ideas, take the initiative and get others involved - like Bilal Nasir. He shows that commitment can start with frozen French fries.

Tülay Özel is fighting against food waste in Turkey. The platform of Whole Surplus helps preserving food and its waste for the cycle - an approach that can change everything.

Regional products for our customers - partnership support for farmers: Georgi Garnevski sees the "Nurtured with care in Bulgaria" programme as a future model for sustainable value creation.

When cooperation partners such as Benjamin Gelats and François Dechy work for the common cause, small ideas can become big initiatives that help others - and inspire.

Overview of
financial year 2017/18

Climate protection target status

Greenhouse gas emissions in kg CO2 (CO2 equivalents) per m2 selling and delivery space

United Nations Global Compact

Avoiding food waste and loss

METRO has committed itself to a 50% reduction in food loss at its stores by 2025 in accordance with The Consumer Goods Forum’s Resolution on Food Waste.

GRI Index

The GRI Content Index provides an overview of the general and specific standard disclosures. The general standard disclosures provide a strategic overview of the company’s sustainable organisation and reporting. The specific standard disclosures are divided into three categories: economic, environmental and social.


134,877 2016/17: 137,136

Definition: Full-time equivalent employees, average for the year, excluding trainees.

Social audits

relating to own imports by METRO SOURCING and non-food own-brand products of the METRO sales lines


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