Sustainability management

Following the strategy of METRO AG the notion of sustainability is systematically and organisationally anchored in our core business. The sustainability management takes into account reciprocal effects between economic, environmental and social aspects in an efficient and solution-oriented manner and involves the management board. On the one hand through the work of the sustainability committee on the other hand for example through linking the remuneration paid to the Management Board and the global senior management with the assessment of the sustainability performance of METRO in the rating of the DJSI.

The Sustainability Committee sets the strategic framework, defines group-wide objectives and facilitates the exchange of information on sustainability issues at the highest level – also with external input by guest speakers. To adequately respond to the specific market and customer requirements, the METRO companies manage the operational implementation of sustainability within this framework. They are responsible for working on the relevant sustainability issues, for defining and implementing specific targets and measures and for monitoring their success.

The committee is chaired by 2 representatives from the top management, who are regularly rotated. Other members of the committee are:

  • People in charge of corporate responsibility at METRO AG
  • Representatives of the core functions purchasing, communication as well as energy management, investments and technical solutions
  • Representatives of the METRO national subsidiaries

Through the formal notification and assessment of sustainability-related risks and opportunities, sustainability management is closely linked to our risk and opportunity management system. This means that the Management Board is in a position to systematically identify, analyse and manage any deviations from our sustainability targets, in other words to manage risks and opportunities.

METRO Sustainability Committee (graphic)