Corporate Responsibility Report 2019/20

Metro Sustainable

Letter from the Board

Against the background of unimagined economic challenges for our business and thus for all the people who work with and for us, it is more important than ever for us to keep an eye on the well-being of our customers and partners as well as social interaction with one another. It is a question of maintaining a balance between what is so urgently needed economically – continuing the business with great commitment, supporting our customers and stimulating the economy again – and what is expected of us as a responsible company from a social and environmental point of view.

Members of the Board (photo)
Teaser Strategy Wheel (graphic)

Sustainability Strategy –
our focus areas

We have a much greater impact on sustainability within our own business and that of our customers when we work on those topics that affect us the most and where we create the greatest leverage. We therefore target our actions on 8 focus areas and with that make an effective contribution to a more sustainable future.

Overview 2019/20

Status of climate protection target

Greenhouse gas emissions in kg CO2 (CO2 equivalents) per m2 selling and delivery space – METRO (stacked bar)

CDP ‘A’ score for climate change

Teaser CDP (graphic)

Recognition for our leadership in our actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy by global Carbon Disclosure Project.

Social audits

99% passed audits in 2019/20 relating to producers of own imports by METRO SOURCING International and non-food own brand products of the METRO sales lines.


with passed audit in 2019/20

Teaser SDG 12 (graphic)

Champion 12.3 – 10x20x30 Initiative

METRO involves 20 suppliers in the work on food waste reduction by 2030 partnering with World Resource Institute.

Teaser Products (graphic)

Number of reformulated own brand products

51 products with less sugar
88 products with less salt

Teaser AP (graphic)

New position on conscious proteins

METRO’s approach on Conscious Proteins has three streams:

  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Marketing and creating customer awareness
  • Focusing our customers’ plate and menu on conscious proteins

METRO Magazine

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How to secure the protein needs of future generations (Foto)

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Making sustainability measurable (Foto)

Making Sustainability Measurable

The planet is in crisis (Foto)

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Saving food – together (Foto)

Saving Food – Together

Wholesale stores getting greener (Foto)

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Happy people – great shrimp (Foto)

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Because at work it should not matter who we love (Foto)

Because at Work It Should Not Matter Who We Love

Being up for waste (Foto)

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