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Edyta Helak (Foto)

Trade as we know it is unthinkable without trusting relationships, without local exchange. It can move people – as the story of Edyta Helak shows.

Arne Anker (Foto)

Delivering products from A to B is only seemingly a simple matter. For customers like Michelin-starred head chef Arne Anker, we move goods – and more.

Franck Subileau (Foto)

Store-based retail isn’t obsolete. It is being digitally expanded. In the age of digitalisation, we are moving boundaries – together with restaurateurs like Franck Subileau.

Luca Rudilosso (Foto)

Digitalisation also means empowering independent restaurateurs like Luca Rudilosso in their individuality. That is why we are putting all of our strength into moving the hospitality industry.

Overview of
financial year 2017/18

METRO Sales (€ million)

36,534 2016/17: 37,140

METRO Wholesale sales (€ million)

29,451 2016/17: 29,866

Dividend (€)

Subject to the resolution of the Annual General Meeting

0.70 2016/17: 0.70

Interview with the Chairman

Olaf Koch, METRO AG Germany (Foto)

“We work for the customer. We are committed to meeting their needs, day in and day out. This is where we come from and where we are going as a wholesaler.”

– Olaf Koch, METRO AG Germany


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