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What you are looking at today is the result of 20 years of sustainable leadership at METRO. In 1999, the CEO wrote in the first Environmental Report: "Responsible management of our resources is a guiding principle of all our business.” Our ambition has not changed since then.

Olaf Koch (photo)
Christian Baier (photo)
Andrea Euenheim (photo)
Heiko Hutmacher (photo)
Philippe Palazzi (photo)

The last 2 decades brought enormous changes with them: with our climate being under massive pressure and an ever-growing world population, we face unforeseen challenges. Trading with resources, we realise that we have a huge footprint as well. But with technology, communication and collaboration, the opportunities grow alongside the challenges.

We are proud to say that sustainability at METRO is a joint effort by many – around 101,000 employees worldwide to be exact. Regarding for example climate protection and food waste, we have clear objectives and an ambitious journey ahead of us. But our biggest asset is also at the heart of us: sustainability driven from the inside, by passionate employees. Thanks to them, we are already seeing great achievements: from sustainable sourcing policies to responsible own brand products on our shelves, from our first climate protection target to the 58th photovoltaic system on our store roofs. From raising awareness about the sparing use of water to building access to safe water and sanitation for around 500,000 people in Northern India together with One Drop. From being listed in several sustainability indices to leading the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe in our industry for the 5th consecutive year.

Where do we go from here? The UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact agenda, materiality analyses, customer surveys, stakeholder conversations and last but not least our purpose to be "Champion for Independent Business" have sharpened our strategic approach. We recognise that we can contribute to transforming and driving sustainability in the businesses of our 16 million customers worldwide when we add value to our products and services through sustainable action. With METRO Sustainable, we strive to unfold prosperity in our communities and beyond, by empowering people and securing resources. This is what we stand for and want to be known for – today and tomorrow!

The Management Board of METRO AG