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Less of sugar


Less of salt


Definition: Target is to reduce min. 5% sugar/salt content in at least 30 common sourced and 500 local sourced products each globally by december 2021. We published our Health & Nutrition policy in 2019. Read more about achievements of our countries.

Cage free eggsResponsible Consumption and ProductionLife on Land

Explanation: METRO stores in Germany and Austria have not been stocking battery hen eggs in their own brand assortments for several years – neither shell eggs nor liquid eggs nor as an ingredient.

In addition, METRO wants to ensure that all shell eggs and liquid egg products of its own brand are 100% cage-free in Western and Southern Europe by the end of 2022 and cage-free in Eastern Europe by the end of 2025. The in-store promotion of alternative and sustainable farming methods such as stable and free-range management for laying hens is an important factor for enabling customers to make a conscious purchasing decision and thus promote sustainable consumption (METRO Commitment on cage eggs for Own Brand Assortment).

Sales of regional productsDecent Work and Economic GrowthResponsible Consumption and ProductionLife on Land

Definition: Regional:

  • Proximity (main and/or value giving production OR ingredient 100% from a region OR x km around store),
  • Additional 2 out of:
    • Transparency and traceability of product
    • Producer is a small holder producer
    • Producer supports local/regional infrastructure and economy
    • Product is produced in traditional way or based on traditional recipe
    • Product is a re-discovery of old varieties
    • Product must create association to region for customer
  • Geographically indicated products are not (necessarily) “regional” products!

In 2018/19 METRO Germany sold 11.8 m € of regional products, promoted in a special leaflet.

Sales of fair-trade products (Fairtrade or GEPA label)No PovertyDecent Work and Economic Growth

in Germany, € million




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